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Improving Outcomes for All Children

Curriculum Development

Lindsey Hughes SLE

Lindsey has a passion for exploring, developing new ideas and initiatives within the classroom and the whole school environment. She is experienced in developing a creative and skills based curriculum where children are engaged and have ownership of their own learning. Therefore, she has successfully impacted across whole school in a variety of areas which have supported the importance that every child needs to be nurtured to succeed and aspire to be the best they can be, through vibrant teaching and learning opportunities.

Areas that Lindsey has expertise in:

  • Teaching and learning opportunities by supporting teachers to become exploratory and dynamic.
  • Assessing and developing pupils’ mindsets by encouraging and enhancing learning behaviours.
  • Developing and promoting whole school approaches in emotional wellbeing.
  • Devising flexible models to enhance opportunities for pupil choice in the curriculum; therefore promoting independent learners and developing specific learning behaviours.
  • Expertise in a varied range of reflective tools to increase opportunities for pupil voice.