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Diane Reeves SLE

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Anna Mullock SLE

Anna currently teaches in Year 5/6 at Longnor Primary School and has been English Subject Leader in several schools at which she has worked. She has been a member of the Moderation team for KS2 since 2012 and has also worked on the KS1 team. As a result, she has an in-depth knowledge of the curriculum requirements. She has been fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to develop her personal love of writing through a wide variety of fantastic training and CPD.  This builds on her own experience of studying English at university. She has taught throughout the key stages, working through many new initiatives and curriculum changes. Anna is dedicated to raising the awareness of the importance of writing in children’s lives and constantly promotes enthusiasm and enjoyment of the subject to adults and children alike. Since last year, Anna has worked with Associate Teachers on the Schools Direct Programme, delivering the writing element of their curriculum. She has experience of working in a variety of settings, from small village schools to large urban settings and understands the challenges that teachers face.