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Improving Outcomes for All Children

Oswestry Group

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This is the way we agree to work together:


  • Agree to work collaboratively to provide the best education for children across the Early Years Partnership, not just their own school or setting; celebrating good practice, sharing strengths and building on current successes
  • Base collaborative work on moral purpose, driven by a desire to impact positively on children and their learning
  • Develop as true partners—give and receive; welcome new ideas and challenges. Every school and setting has something to offer
  • Be outward facing and actively seek new ideas from within and beyond the Partnership
  • Follow an agreed code of conduct in which professional trust underpins relationships between members of the learning community at every level and in working with others is seen as a privilege
  • Support effective partnership work  through active engagement wherever possible
  • Commit CPD resources to fund the training of key staff and commit professional development time to allow effective  practice to be shared within the placement for the benefit of all children



Julie Faulks

St Martin's School, Oswestry

t: 01691 776500